About me/us

This is an ever evolving project that is based on enjoying life, learning, and discovering new things to get excited about. I’ll pop in with some entertainment news, TV and movie reviews, or maybe even technical projects I may be working on. But more so, this site was born from my desire to do radio, but I quickly discovered that it would be very difficult to support myself and to learn the trade. Luckily, in the 90s, I had done some music streaming/DJing through the Shoutcast system (WinAMP) and remembered how much I enjoyed it.

With the evolution of streaming and downloadable content, including podcasting, I decided to start up this page. The goal is to expose people to other people that are more interesting than I. But more importantly, to show my audience that the people behind some of their favorite creation, are people and can be (and are) just as excited about the things we are.

Please join me as we dive into the unknown, yet exciting world of living The Geeked Life!

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