What Prep

We ask the question “What Prep?” The Global Geek Defense Force convenes once again to determine the fate of the world. We ask the all important question “What prep?”. The Bearded Maker goes over his challenges with video editing for his eventually to be launched YouTube Channel. Angry Black Man decides to be a commentator. Matt takes a page out of Angry Black Man’s playbook by referring to notes and tries to get conversations started by mentioning the feat theRead More →

Last week, SpaceX’s reusable Falcon-9 rocket continued to make history by successfully landing on a “drone” landing platform in the Pacific Ocean. Below is a video of the landing. Elon Musk and his SpaceX group have proven that reusable rockets are viable, bringing down the cost of orbital device deployment, and even ISS (International Space Station) resupply missions. Falcon-9 Three Camera view of landing on “drone pad” Elon Musk has designs on a Mars mission, utilizing SpaceX’s Dragon rocket engine toRead More →