Lions form

Netflix released another (~2 minute) clip from their revitalization of the 1980’s animated series of Voltron: The Defender of the Universe today. This clip features our heroes battling a Robeast, but seeing they are unable to beat the monstrosity. They decide to have the lions form into the titular character Voltron. View the Voltron Clips below: Voltron: Defender of the Universe is based follows five characters: Lance, Keith, Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro. They find their way into an unknown land whereRead More →

  Netflix released two bits of information regarding their exclusive Voltron series from DreamWorkstv: A trailer and a release date.   June 10th is the official release date of the new Voltron series featuring the 5 Lions to combine as Voltron, The Legendary Defender. The Voltron trailer showcases the original characters in a cleaner animation style, with just enough 3D effect to make it look updated, but giving you the classic feel. Five Earth teens – Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge andRead More →

As a “new seasoned” veteran Whovian, I’ve come to expect that The Doctor character is ever evolving, and the man in charge, Steven Moffat, likes to make his audiences uncomfortable. The newest incarnation of the television series started with Christopher Eccleston, but after one season the show moved on, transitioning to  David Tennant, who I consider “my doctor” (more on that later). Over the next few seasons Doctor Who started to gain a following in the US being broadcast on BBC America. Tennant wasRead More →