I realize that the majority of my posts (read – all) have been about movies or TV, and for that I apologize. This site is supposed to have a broader look at the world, including but not limited to: music, science, technology, and automotive. But it’s difficult to touch on those subjects as a single author. I’m hoping in the near future to touch on the different subjects to make this site more rounded. That being said, there are someRead More →

As a “new seasoned” veteran Whovian, I’ve come to expect that The Doctor character is ever evolving, and the man in charge, Steven Moffat, likes to make his audiences uncomfortable. The newest incarnation of the television series started with Christopher Eccleston, but after one season the show moved on, transitioning to  David Tennant, who I consider “my doctor” (more on that later). Over the next few seasons Doctor Who started to gain a following in the US being broadcast on BBC America. Tennant wasRead More →

An article from MoviePilot.com popped up, written by Peter Matthews, made several points about Marvel’s inaugural debut with DareDevil, and later pushing out Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones series. Thus bringing up a tired old debate, and a new debate with the premise of acceptance. Is broadcast TV dead? Does “binge watching” hurt content and prove difficult to write for? I have mixed emotions regarding online TV – I love the availability, but I also love the weeklyRead More →