Last week, SpaceX’s reusable Falcon-9 rocket continued to make history by successfully landing on a “drone” landing platform in the Pacific Ocean. Below is a video of the landing. Elon Musk and his SpaceX group have proven that reusable rockets are viable, bringing down the cost of orbital device deployment, and even ISS (International Space Station) resupply missions. Falcon-9 Three Camera view of landing on “drone pad” Elon Musk has designs on a Mars mission, utilizing SpaceX’s Dragon rocket engine toRead More →

3D Heart

An article published by Atmel (a microchip manufacturer popular in microcontrollers) explains the use of 3D printer to print a malformed and dysfunctional heart of a two week-old baby. The article explains that doctors were able to print a replica of the baby’s heart which gave them an immediate and non-invasive view of the failing organ, allowing them closely examine holes and improper pathways with less risk to the baby. Until this point, they would have had to stop theRead More →