Michael G. Williams

An Interview with Michael G. Williams

In this episode I speak with award winning author, tabletop game writer, and podcaster Michael G. Williams. Some of his credits include Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition and an independent setting for Pathfinder. Michael has also written numerous short stories.

Michael and I talk about the ways he expresses his life’s experiences in his writing in his series of novellas called The Withrow Chronicles, about a vampire that struggles with his lingering humanity and dealing with his neighbors who find themselves in mortal danger. And his connection with visual as well as written media. We go over our opinions on Wonder Woman, in addition to TV shows that pique our interest for varying reasons. And finally Michael explains his focus on the early 90’s musi-drama “Cop Rock“.

Join us as we dive deep into the social dimensions of print and visual media.

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