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Marvel’s New Warriors series ordered by Freeform

The “New Warriors” TV series had been rumored for a few years, shortly after the plans for the MCU had been announced. The New Warriors is described as a group of teens wanting to make a difference in the world. Be heroes, but maybe in a less-than-spectacular way. Today, Marvel announced that ABC’s network, Freeform, had ordered ten 30-minutes episodes to air in 2018. No further details have been released other than the tone of the series. “New Warriors” will follow a group of teens as they try to make an impact on the world, but encounter many hurdles along the way in the form of bad guys, and bad classmates. Recent issues have Squirrel Girl as the leader of this team of heroic high schoolers. The series is expected to be a comedy, or at the very least, light-hearted.

I’m not a fan of rumor or conjecture, so let’s consider this as some interesting insight. Shortly after the announcement, Liz Gillies (“Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” and Broadway) posted this on Twitter:

Take from it what you will, but how often do people look for pet squirrels in Hollywood?

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    I still wonder why this show is going to have Squirrel Girl, since she was never part of the team. I also think that she is overrated and wish that her comics had a better art style so that they would be readable…

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