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Now in Stuttering Technicolor

In this episode of GGDF, we try streaming live in Stuttering Technicolor. “The Bearded Maker” talks about his trial and errors recording video of his projects, and Matt and “Captain Villain Black” offer up some advice. Next, Matt talks about NASA’s discovery of Trappist-1, another galaxy with potentially habitable planets.

We discuss whether books are better than their visual counterparts, even if you haven’t read them. The “Angry Black Man” gives us his sleeper series and his impressions of Logan while trying not to spoil anything. Did he succeed??? Listen to find out!

Later, The Captain and Matt continue on, and try to explain the X-Men universe’s “Legion” and Tom Hardy’s “Taboo” without mentioning specifics.

Captain Villain Black

The Bearded Maker

Angry Black Man


Courtesy of FiXT
by Celldweller


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