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Global Geek Defense Force: An Adventure in Live Streaming

In this episode of the Global Geek Defense Force, our heroes face the dreaded “Attempt At Live Streaming”, and failed miserably. However, we did get audio from the display of the heroic battle.

Byron was on a mission to convince Matt to watch Netflix’s The OA. Byron administered a viewership compatibility test that he swears wasn’t from the fashion magazine “Elle”. LeRon covers errors we made in the previous podcast (of which I corrected some on the attached description). And continues to mock Byron’s lack of knowledge regarding the subject of the t-shirt he was wearing: Link. Justin follows up by trying to get the group focused with a question regarding home security and the “smart home”. All the while, Matt is wondering if the stream is actually working and why his tablet keeps connecting and disconnecting devices.

Will our heroes prevail? Will the message make it out to the public in full color video? If you were there, you would know the answer is no. So you must listen now! The safety of the world is at stake!

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