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Interview with Gail Z Martin

On January 14th, I went to Illogicon in Cary (I know I say Raleigh, because they have held it there in the past). I got to interview Gail Z. Martin. Over the course of December, Gail I had planned multiple times to Skype the interview, but she was busy promoting her projects and the holidays, and it was a mess trying to sync up. However, when I found out that she was attending Illogicon, I knew this was our chance.

Gail is a Charlotte based writer of Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and Fantasy. She started her writing career in 2007, but had always been interested in writing and creating a universe of her own. Gail has written numerous books in her plethora of series. We discuss her love of her characters and the excitement she feels expanding their universe. Gail later discovers her calling to help people with emotional and mental traumas through the We Hold Onto the Light project. It initially started as a one off, but positive responses and the calling for more prompted the project to continue.

It was a pleasure and honor to speak with Gail, and you should check out her books. Also, check out We Hold Onto the Light, either as a reader, or if you would like to take an active role!



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