Global Geek Defense Force

First Episode of Global Geek Defense Force

This episode is the first using the mobile studio for the Global Geek Defense Force podcast. We set up shop at Byron’s house where we are joined by LeRon and the Bearded Maker, Justin. Initially, the recorder wasn’t receiving a loud enough signal and would shut down. So after a few false starts and redoing the intro once or twice, we were off and running. LeRon and I discuss Westworld at the beginning. We move on to our impressions of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailers. The podcast was a loose format since we hadn’t spoke  in a while and had a lot we wanted to talk about.

We learn a few things regarding the next episode such as keeping a schedule on topics, and what topics we’d like to talk about. Towards the end of the podcast, the wheels slowly started to fall off. One new addition we’re going to look at is live video with multiple camera angles. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be professional, but it will be something.

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