Review: Doctor Strange

Spoilerific Review: Doctor Strange


Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular role, Doctor Strange follows the famed surgeon through his downward and obsessive spiral following a devastating car crash which left him unable to continue his illustrious career. He finds himself in search of a mystical healer in Kamar-Taj to restore his hands to their former glory. He receives an education for which he did not prepare.


My friend Byron and I took in the IMAX 3D showing of the film, and as much as I was disappointed at the lack of non-3D IMAX, it turned out (for me, anyway) a blessing. The 3D effects gave the over-the-top and mystical fight scenes and added “spice”. Especially in the third act! From beginning to end, I felt immersed in the universe unfolding (or folding) before my eyes. Time really isn’t an issue as I peered into the realm of magic, mysticism, and multidimensional existence.

Cumberbatch was an excellent choice for Doctor Strange (hey, he’s finally a doctor!). Tilda Swinton‘s playful and warm presentation of The Ancient One was just as fitting. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo gave a presence of wisdom, quieted anger, and refinement. While Benedict Wong played a masterful librarian; as he took his job seriously, and you couldn’t help but feel there was more depth than we were presented. In contrast, Mads Mikkelsen played a flawless and believable villain. You couldn’t help feeling that there is an innocent point of view behind his character. Rachel McAdams as Doctor Strange’s at one time girlfriend was full of heart and caring, though, I have a feeling some of her scenes may have been left out for runtime purposes.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this new realm of comic book mythology and expect great things in the future. In the podcast, I offer a short non-spoiler impression, followed by a more detailed spoiler-filled review.


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