Stranger Things Season 2

Netflix’s Twitter account just tweeted a teaser video to announce the release of Stranger Things Season 2!

The second season of Stranger Things is said to take place several years after season one. The logistical reason for this is that the actors are expected to hit their growth spurts and may be difficult to pull off the idea that the story only advanced a few days, weeks, or months. There were rumors and discussions regarding how to bridge the two seasons; giving rise to talks of a small video game in the 8-bit style could tell the story. While no official news has come out regarding this, many indie game devs took it upon themsleves to release games. Unfortunately, no information regarding a projected release date yet, but keep an eye here! What did you think of Season 1? Do you think Season 2 will be like? What would you want to see our little adventurers battle?

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