Jason Batt

An Interview with Jason Batt

Jason Batt is the Creative and Editorial Director for the 100 Year Starship project founded by NASA and DARPA. And he happened into this role by chance, and his love for the stars and what possibilities the future may hold. Through this project, Jason founded the Annual Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing which covers fiction as well as nonfiction works. In addition to the organizations and boards he belongs to, Jason also writes. His early work includes a teen near-fantasy novel called Young Gods; and over the years, he has written many short fiction stories.

In this episode of The Geeked Life, Jason and I cover not only his involvement with NASA, we share our mutual admiration for recent developments in interstellar travel and consider the challenges they face. Then, we go on to talk about the honesty that the science community injects into today’s TV and movies. Jason and I geek out session over new technology, and projects that are on the cusp of public consumption. His excitement for the stars and the way Jason talks about it will get you a little amped. Won’t you join us as we gush over the advancements humans have made over the last 60 years.

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