John Hartness

An Interview with John Hartness

John Hartness is the author of over 80 works, including his latest release “Heaven Sent”, a book in his Quincy Harker – Demon Hunter series, as well as his sixth book from the Black Knight Chronicles due out August 15th. He was a stage actor, director, producer, and self publisher prior to and while starting his career as a writer. He is a fan of creativity when John sees it, and not afraid to be honest when the situation calls for it, both of which are necessary when you are a publisher.

In this episode we cover his storied beginnings in theater. And we talk about the background on three of his series: Black Knight Chronicles, Bubba, and The  Quincy Harker series. John freely and proudly admits to pointing out his Tom Butcher “influences”. And his love and admiration for the Dresden Files and Hellblazer series. As we come to the topic of Constantine, we mourn over the cancellation of the series, we pine for The CW to pick the series up, like they did for Supergirl. We talk about our love for The Flash, Kevin Smith, and Stranger Things. I ask John about life as a guest at Cons, and about the hectic life of a panelist with back-to-back panels.


You can find John Hartness at his website, and on twitter.

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