John Brhel

An Interview with John Brhel

John Brhel grew up in Binghamton, New York where his childhood passion was music. He even had a band with his younger sisters, music, lyrics, and all. After graduating from school, he moved down to the Philadelphia area, and formed a pop-punk band with a group of friends. Later, he realized that his heart wasn’t entirely in creating music, and knew that he had to establish himself, so he moved back to Binghamton.

Upon his return, John reconnected with childhood friend Joe Sullivan. Together, they established Cemetery Gates Media, named after The Smiths song of the same title. Since then, they’ve collaborated on numerous titles in the form of short stories and novels, starting with their debut novel “Tales from Valleyview Cemetery”. Their latest release is called Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop; a series of anchored tales revolving around a store of unique antiquities run by the former magician, Dr. Mavelry.

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