Lillian Cohen-Moore - Part 2

Episode: Interview: Lillian Cohen-Moore – Part 2

Lillian Cohen-Moore has a storied career in the printed word, more in the physical realm than digital.Her interests started with a blog/newsletter before blogs were actually a thing. She was ahead of her time with the help of an AOL subscription in the early to mid 90’s. While she enjoyed aggregating news for friends and family, Lillian knew she had a different calling. She worked as an editor and contributor on numerous tabletop games, books, and news pieces.

Lillian also has a weekly newsletter, complete with a plethora of topics and even a playlist. If you’re nice to her, she may even make a “mixtape” for you!

It was a pleasure speaking with her. So much so, the chat was broken down into two parts!

Lillian’s website

Part 1 of the interview with Lillian Cohen-Moore

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