Jay Posey Part 2

This is Jay Posey Part 2 of a two part interview that I had with narrative designer and writer, Jay Posey. Jay currently works at Red Storm Entertainment, but also writes on his own. He started in IT Support, but realized that he wasn’t feeling fulfilled in his career. He studied up on writing to became more familiar with the Hollywood side of script writing and worked as a script reader. Later, he joined Red Storm in a non-writing position. After a few years, Jay was provided an opportunity as a narrative designer.

Part 1 of the interview can be found here.


  • Hollywood script reader
  • Duskwalkers – post-apocalyptic cyber western trilogy
  • Outriders – “sub futuristic” special operations squad
  • Writer on Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Quotes from former Star Trek stars –

“This wasn’t anything like you see on the show,” said Ryan, a cast member on “Voyager” for four seasons. “When we were shooting it, the bridge set was all plywood and plastic. When you’re looking at the ship’s monitors, they were either green screens or just big openings in the walls. This was incredible. It’s what it would be like if it were real.”

“That’s what ‘Star Trek’ is all about,” said Burton. “It’s infinite diversity in infinite combinations and a respect for all life. I think it’s great to be able to role-play. (‘Trek’ creator) Gene Roddenberry’s vision was one I always gravitated toward because it acknowledged me as a black kid growing up in Northern California. If I hadn’t been in the cast, I would be a fan.”

“In a funny kind of way, it gave me a new understanding for the reality of what we as actors pretend to do in our jobs,” said Urban, who will reprise his role as McCoy on the big screen in “Star Trek Beyond” on July 22. “When you’re playing the game, it’s almost like you’re not pretending. You’re actually doing it. In some ways, it’s one step closer to the experience.”

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is set to launch this fall for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Bridge Crew does not require local co-op, as you can also play with others online. In addition, if you are not playing with others, there are NPCs who will fill in the gaps of your crew.

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