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Last night I went to see Captain America: Civil War with my buddy Byron, and was surprised to meet up with a mutual friend Leron. We were supposed to do a reaction recording after the film, but we went to the late show which ended around 1:40am. We were just going to leave, but ended up talking for about 20 minutes (which I should have recorded), but I had work the next day, and I really wasn’t thinking properly. But we agreed we would do it for X-Men: Apocalypse.

In any event, Cap was everything you wanted to see in an ensemble super hero movie. All heroes were represented properly, even the “newbies”. The podcast is mildly spoilery… even if it’s not, I’d rather be safe to say it is – I’m not a fan of giving stuff up. Go see this film – the Russos did a fantastic job (if you liked Winter Solider, this is a given win for you). Currently, The Russo Brothers are slated to direct Infinity Wars I & II, and if Cap: Civil War is any indication, it is in good hands. There are many one liners that will make you laugh, many “oh damn” moments, and scenes of awe.

Go see this film.

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