You remember the id Software game DOOM? It came out after Wolfenstein… the game that introduced a claustrophobic first person shooter from the 1990s established the moniker “BFG” 3000 into the pop culture lexicon. It was briefly revitalized in 2004, and brought out the PvP and Team vs. Team  online battle arena with DOOM III (and later DOOM III BFG). Well, 22 years after it’s inaugural release, Bethesda now owns the franchise rights and on Wednesday held a live play-through with employees Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton. This demo is ahead of the May 13th 2016 release date.

One of the games newest features is their “Snap Map” multiplayer level designed. It utilizes a module style map creator; you pick a room/module, and snap it to another module object on the map creating a labyrinth of twist and turns in the vane of the Mario Map creator (but first person… bloodier… and more violent.).

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