Usually for TV, a pilot is a testing episode to let the network get the “temperature” for a show. To see if there is an audience. With the development of online streaming and exclusive content, Netflix bet a whole lot on Marvel’s Daredevil. It was critically acclaimed, and thoroughly enjoyed by fans and was subsequently renewed for an (impressive looking) second season.

This morning, Netflix premiered their next story within the Marvel Cinematic Universe – A.K.A. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). I was excited for excitability’s sake; I didn’t know the character other than she was a disenfranchised ex-superhero who was psychologically and physically abused by one Kilgrave (David Tennant). The first episode was no pilot, it was an introduction to a darker and emotion filled thriller. The cinematography was amazing, giving you glimpses of the neurosis that Jessica is enduring as the episode creeps along.

And speaking of creeps, David Tennant was “my doctor” when I rediscovered Doctor Who, I had a bond to him that many other Doctor Who fans understand. But now, as a villain, I feel a disgust for him, and I’m worried and enthralled all in the same line of thought. I think David Tennant is a terrific actor, and I’m fully prepared to enjoy hating him.

With one episode under my belt, the pacing is slow, but deliberate and consistent. It has the Marvel patented under-the-breath one liners that we’ve all come to adore. You start to see and empathize with Ritter’s Jones as the episode develops and you start the itchy-binge-watch-press-next-episode-button finger.

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