Welcome fellow geeks to another installment of my blabbering and drivel! This episode starts what I hope will be a regular bonus to my podcasts… a little goodie for the listeners! I teamed up with Little Fat Dragons. What you’ll do is listen for the secret phrase (oooOOoOOO) and note the time in the podcast I say it, then (once you’ve completely finished listening to the podcast) head over to her Facebook page and look for the post with the image above. Be the first to correctly provide the phrase and time and you win! She’ll notify you in message and ask you for your shipping info! It’s that simple!

Some of the things I cover is Marvel’s attendance of SDCC this year and I give my opinion on a “report” (read rumor) about the Justice League movie. I talk a little bit about the Comic book base TV series, a die-hard Marvel movie event, the new Game of Thrones and Tomorrowland trailers, and one of my favorite artists – Skottie Young drawing and writing an installment of Secret Wars for Marvel.

Also, those of you clicking on my banners, I thank you! In addition, I’ve opened an affiliate account with Entertainment Earth which can help me to upkeep the site and allow me to try to get more goodies for you all. So click on the image below or the banner on the right and do some shopping! They have tons of collectibles including Funko stuff!


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