Back in the beginning of August, I wrote about “leaked” footage of the CGI test screener a studio called “Blur” developed. This studio is lead by Tim Miller, Deadpool’s director. Sure, let us put the conspiracy theory out there (which really isn’t theory anymore) – This leaked footage was the push the film needed to get made. It was the smartest lapse in security that could have ever happened, because Fox doesn’t know what they have… or do they?

Let’s take a comparative look at the Marvel universe as presented by the different studios –


Land owners of the Spidy-verse. Their movies have been up and down, some good, some bad, a couple kinda terrible. I admit, I haven’t seen the Garfield Spider-Man through and through. I’ve seen 90% of the first one, and none of the second one.

Sony made a serious attempt to get the Marvel feel before Marvel had a movie feel. They hired Sam Raimi to direct the first trilogy, and that was a good move due to Raimi’s inherent campiness (Army of Darkness, Hercules – TV Series), and for all intents and purposes, Spider-man is a campy sci-fi comic at heart. But it didn’t last long – you can actually see the evolution of a movie studio through all 5 of these movies, going from the core campiness into movie 101 cliche.

Marvel Studio (Disney)

Of course they know the mood to make their movies! They’ve been writing them for decades! All of these comics (including DC), are made for moving pictures! Drama, suspense, comedy, tragedy, romance, it’s all there! And that’s what makes the Marvel Studios films a few notches above the other studios, they make the films motion comic books as opposed to films…


Now, we get to Fox. Fox has done an admirable job with  the X-Men movies, and they laid some important groundwork for Marvel. The original X-Men trilogy showed studios how important cast continuity was in movies such as these. But that, sadly, is where the praise ends. With the refreshing exception of X-Men – First Class, they’ve made the X-Men universe rather stale and stagnant. That seems to be a feat in and of itself, with such diversity and unique characters available, one could walk out of a theater with disbelief at the relative blandness of it all. The X-Men films from Fox have felt like films… cinema… not comic books. Constantly trying to be heavy and dramatic rather than teasing your emotions, it just weighs you down with every act.

Deadpool resets the universe

Fox needs Deadpool. Plain and simple. Fox needs their fourth wall broken down to reset how the studio views the universe they paid Marvel to have the privilege to create. I certainly think Marvel Studio would do a much better job at creating a Deadpool movie, but Fox NEEDS the Deadpool movie, they need new life and a new outlook on how Marvel movies are presented. Fox needs to be shown – It’s ok to be self deprecating, raunchy, irreverent, silly, and gross. Fans are fanatics for a reason. Don’t be afraid to make a movie that people want to see. If the “leaked” footage proved anything, it proved there is a fan base established, and they are hungry. It proved that people will be brought into the fold if those fanatics deem the fruits of your labor worthy to be followed.

There has been a lot of talk about the script being watered down to a PG-13 rating. At the start of the DP rumor mill, I had told myself “Anything less than an R would be a disservice to the character.” But thinking about it, depending on how the Movie Ratings Board is feeling that week, I think a hard PG-13 is doable. Do we really need flagrant cusses flying around? We don’t need bare boobs as much as we think we do, and it doesn’t have to be that bloody (SFX can do wonderful things). That being said, I don’t think the movie would suffer as much as the industry (critics included) if the film had an R Rating. Listen, people want this movie, but not at the expense of the core fundamentals of the DP Universe (and he does have his own Universe – you’re nobody if you don’t have your own) are over the top, unpredictable, insane, and unique. The ball is in your court Fox. Ha ha! I said ball.

Deadpool is officially scheduled for release February 12th, 2016.

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