I realize that the majority of my posts (read – all) have been about movies or TV, and for that I apologize. This site is supposed to have a broader look at the world, including but not limited to: music, science, technology, and automotive. But it’s difficult to touch on those subjects as a single author. I’m hoping in the near future to touch on the different subjects to make this site more rounded.

That being said, there are some exciting situations going on in the realm of visual entertainment. Netflix has just announced it made a deal to have Gotham, the yet-to-be released series focusing on the city of Gotham prior to Batman’s full development, and how the city had gotten so mucked up enough to need Batman. It’ll focus on James Gordon (eventually becoming Commissioner Gordon), and the rise of crime bosses.

Netflix has already proven it’s mettle with original programming like House of Cards (originally a British series), Orange is the New Black, and even Hemlock Grove. It has brought back Arrested Development for one last season, and even Yahoo! is getting into the game signing a deal for NBC’s cult show Community.

With the deal with Marvel announced earlier in the year, Netflex is poising to be the go to spot on the internet for comic book entertainment fans. The feat of being the home for both Marvel and DC properties for live action programming is in and of itself pretty amazing, to have the two major comic book publishers not holding grudges, but realizing the potential for being a one stop shop for comic book geeks everywhere.

This opens some interesting (and hopeful) theories – Todd McFarlane had stated that his vision of a Spawn movie was left wanting. He envisioned a Spawn movie far different than what had been released, stating that the film would have/should have revolved around the police detectives Sam and Twitch. With the popularity and realization that internet content is viable and sought after, it would make one wonder what other projects could be viable? What would you like to see developed? Something other than the comic book/superhero genre?

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