An article from popped up, written by Peter Matthews, made several points about Marvel’s inaugural debut with DareDevil, and later pushing out Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones series. Thus bringing up a tired old debate, and a new debate with the premise of acceptance. Is broadcast TV dead? Does “binge watching” hurt content and prove difficult to write for?

I have mixed emotions regarding online TV – I love the availability, but I also love the weekly cliffhanger, intricate plot devices that get presented. I think Marvel would do really well being on Netflix because most constraints and out-of-date guidelines of broadcasting would not apply. It can be darker, more serious (or even sillier), and would allow for creative freedom.

Broadcast TV has to adhere to may broadcast standards put forth by the FCC and several decency lobbies in D.C. Online, there are less rules to worry about. T.V. is slowly killing itself with series hiatuses, confusing reasons for series cancellations, interrupted writing and plot lines, etc. And no true release or scheduling conflicts! Viewership is up to the viewer! But can the viewer be trusted?

I’ve found myself latching onto a series, engrossing myself in the story like a person with their heat cut off, clutching onto a flaming stick. I’m conscious of the habit, I loath and embrace it at the same time. Binge Watching has become more common with On-Demand and DVRs, and now with online content. Is the draw to push out content as quickly as possible, just to keep people interested, an unintended problem? Will this mean that the view will have quantity but suffer quality?

I think this is where Marvel could advance the scenario – Between Marvel and Disney (and don’t forget Lucas properties), they have the resources, experience, and the drive to put out a metric tonne of quality entertainment. I think Daredevil, will be the litmus test. He has a consistent following of knowledgeable and intelligent fans.  If done properly, this could bolster that old debate… Television, as generations have known, would be dead.

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