This being my first, longer than “test” post, I’m sharing some thoughts on the “leaked” video of a Deadpool Movie “screen test”.
If you’re a Deadpool fan, the leaked video was the greatest and most promising CGI based proof that this movie should happen. Yesterday, 07/29, showed the first incarnation of this video, and made me smile, though not getting the full effect because the audio quality was iffy. Today, a higher quality (direct feed) looking clip was presented. But there are many theories, speculations and the usual internet banter chiming in.

I’ve read some comments from various sites regarding the stagnant nature of the movie. The facts, as I know them is; Marvel owns the rights to all properties, various film studios own distribution rights for these characters (i.e. Sony – Spider-Man, Fox – X-Men (including Deadpool) and the word “mutants”). Now, as distribution rights I’ve last read about, a movie featuring a character needs to be release, on average, 3-7 years depending on agreement. Hence the reason X-Men and Spider-Man movie releases seem to frequent.

Back to the topic at hand – Deadpool! He’s a very popular character because he is the character that every introvert can relate to and aspire to be. I’m not saying introverts (I am one myself) are murderous or mentally unstable, but we just tend to not like people, and finds creative ways to just show how much he doesn’t like people… I like him, I think he’s a very creative character.

A “screen test” is a clip of the concept of a character, direction, script, and audio to show to executives – usually. My theory is that it was a relatively independent nudge to Fox Executives to convince them it can be done. The leak was probably intentional, but not by Fox. Every YouTube clip was removed rather quickly with the reason being from Fox, yet, a newer higher quality clip comes out the next day. In short, it was released by this “team” (including Reynolds) to create a viral buzz to prove to Fox execs that this movie can be viable, and people want the gore, foul language, and irreverent behavior DP fans have known the character for. And you can tell whomever designed the CGI has passion for the character/project because it is so detailed, so fluid (as CGI human movement can be), that I’d swear this could be an animated CGI movie and look fantastic.

But what do I know? I know that Reynolds wants to do it “right”, I know that Hugh Jackman wants to get deeper into the Marvel Universe, I know Robert Downey, Jr. wants to keep being Tony Stark, and by proxy, I know Marvel may be the most exciting studio for an actor to work for at this point. Well, I don’t know that last part for a fact, but it seems to be a safe assumption due to the star power they tend to recruit, or wants to be recruited by Marvel.

Let’s hope Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t actually over-hyped and the Comic Movie era continues on.

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